About Us


The C.C. Shroff Self Help Centre is an interactive design and production facility.

We are an ethical, fair wage, SA 8000 Certified and not-for profit organisation.
We create opportunities for sustainable livelihood by putting to use our core strengths:

  • Excellence in design.
  • Passion for Indian textiles and crafts
  • Respect for the realities of production

Our karigars

Our karigars, even those with low skill levels, have to be productive from the get-go.
This gives our designers legitimate reason to subvert the very notion of design: they flaunt distortions; they celebrate the deliberate unsteadiness of machine embroidered lines.

We support the small producer, the indigenous component maker.

Dyers, printers, weavers, block maker, wood and metal workers from across India know that we value their skills and honor them with repeat orders.
We are happy to mentor other organizations to help create livelihood options for the disadvantaged communities they work with.

Our Designs

Every single design is medley of textiles and crafts. This is our forte.

Our customers adapt these designs to suit their needs.
A design with highlights in sequins and beads gets transformed into prototype for a full length skirt; another with textured machine embroidery and patch of high end embroidery becomes a shoulder bag with leather handles.

An element used in the design could also catch the customer’s eye. That is how we bagged a large order to create crocheted flowers for use as show decorations.

Trend Sheets

We also interpret trend sheets, adding our own twists and turns to create production-friendly prototypes for garments, accessories and lifestyle products.

We respond to trade enquiries.
The first time an enquiry for a log cabin quilt came our way, we undertook the sampling as a creative challenge and learnt a lot about efficiency and engineering. Most importantly, our karigar’s picked up a new set of tailoring skills.

We convinced a customer passionate about reuse and recycling to use a sustainable alternative for shopper bags. We designed a collection if trendy canvas bags.
Our love affair with shopper bags continues….

Handmade Heartfelt

At C.C. Shroff Self Help Centre, we believe anything produced with passion and intelligence, with active participation of the head and heart can rightly be called Handmade.

We use simple sewing machines. They allow our karigars to demonstrate their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Our karigars have no traditional skills. Their heartfelt desire to earn a living, educate their children drives them to learn a variety of skills.
They can quilt, crochet, hand embroider execute patchwork, applique and macrame. They are adventurous with buttons, beads and sequins as well.