Success Stories

We have touched many lives in our organization .We strive to make people associated with us self dependent,motivate them , provide the tools & skills, earning source and  promote them .

We take pride when our people succeed in life .

Here are some success stories. 🙂

Lalitmohan Molasi

Lalit’s life at the Centre

Lalitmohan Molasi, our current Production cum Development Manager, is a multi- talented personality who has grown with the organisation. He joined the centre after the completion of his secondary school education. It was around the starting phase of the centre and had the opportunity of getting exposure to various areas like raw material purchase, production, QC, marketing, design & development and co-ordination with all departments. Now it is his 28th Year in the centre and in his growth in his own words “ I was like a blank clean sheet of paper when I joined, but the Centre has made me what I am”

His quality of life has taken dramatic changes

He has also become an entrepreneur and often undertakes production of goods for the Centre.

Mrs.Anagha Mahendar Kubal

Mrs.Anagha Mahendar Kubal

Mrs.Anagha, our embroidery specialist is one of them. She had completed her Secondary School, but had no training except two years of working in the packing section of a cosmetic company. However, she was eager to learn and earn. She also liked the working environment of the Centre and thus started her association with the Centre in 1992. Gradually she mastered cross stitch, patch-work, appliqué work and embroidery and can be credited with the commencement of related production activities at the Centre. She has developed a substantial net-work of ladies having varied skills working from homes so that orders can be executed in time.

As she understands best, the issues of running a home and work, she distributes the job orders judiciously and beams with satisfaction when the ladies take home sufficient compensation. She also feels great sense of worth when some one out of more than a thousand ladies she has trained, turns up to express their gratitude.

Today she is the embroidery in charge of the centre, is leading a contented life, and her only child is now an engineer.