Vision & Mission


  • We will strive to enable people to enhance self – esteem and elevate livelihood
  • Work towards developing the centre as a mother organization for small NGO’s
  • Create employment opportunities for women belonging from lower income strata by empowering them by skill development


  • To be self-sustainable and promote individual and collective/organizational sustenance
  • Provide platform for under privileged sections of society and enable them to utilize existing skills to create products with high value addition and market value
  • To preserve and optimize ethnic skills in embroidery, dyeing, printing of traditional artisans and socially disadvantaged sections
  • Promote Self Sustainability by encouraging Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • To practice and inculcate ethical values :
  • Promote gender equality
  • No child labour, forced or compulsory labour
  • No discrimination
  • Provide Fair wages and safe working environment
  • Respect the environment by promoting Recycle,
  • Reuse and Eco -friendly practices